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  Sibley Engineering, Inc. (SEI) is a business whose core activity is surface cleaning and surface coatings removal. SEI recognizes the need in south/central Minnesota for an environmentally friendly cleaning and stripping process. SEI utilizes an innovative technology developed to safely clean and strip surface coatings from virtually any surface - including delicate substrates such as aluminum, kevlar, fiberglass and graphite composites. This process is called Plastic Media Blasting, or PMB.

  SEI provides dry surface cleaning and coating removal using this innovative and environmentally friendly safe process referred to as plastic media blasting. PMB is a process for the rapid removal of buildups and coatings from almost any product, economically and safely, without the use of toxic chemical strippers, burn-off systems, sandblasting or hand/mechanical abrasion methods. This process is especially effective on thin gauge sheet metal, where the heat generated by the high pressures used in traditional sandblasting would warp the material.


  PMB, the core business activity of Sibley Engineering, Inc. has two primary markets. The first is the plastic molding and plastic mold building industries. SEI has recognized a need in these industries for an effective way to clean molds. The mold used to produce plastic parts develop a buildup of residue from mold releases, lubricating agents, burnt polymers and cooling liquids. This residue needs to be cleaned periodically to maintain cosmetic and dimensional requirements. SEI will provide a fast, safe, professional cleaning service at a known and consistent cost allowing the molder and mold builder to anticipate their true costs and build them into the quoted price for their product.

  The second market SEI addresses is the automotive refinishing and restoration industry. As explained earlier, PMB is an effective and economical process to strip finishes from thin gauge automotive body panels. It does not harm or distort the metal as sandblasting does. The process yields a smooth, ready-to-paint surface.

  Restoration businesses and body shops acknowledge the advantages of PMB paint stripping but do not typically prefer to have sandblasting or PMB operations in their facilities. The media is difficult to contain - presenting a threat to their fine paint finishes. SEI provides a fast, professional paint stripping service outside of the refinishing facility. Shop management is better able to control costs and take economical advantages of available labor.

  Sibley Engineering offers a cleaning and coating removal service for virtually anything that has a surface/substrate that is harder than the plastic media available to us. SEI provides a finished product/piece that has a ready-to-paint surface or a specific finish that the customer and our technicians agree upon. Operations will begin with the customer delivering the piece to be cleaned or stripped to our location and finished when the customer picks up the completed items. As a reasonably priced option, SEI offers weather protected pickup and delivery service.

Here are some applications that can benefit from SEI's PMB process:

  • Plastic injection molders(all processes that use hard tooling)
  • Mold makers and tool repair shops
  • Die cast tooling manufacturers
  • Foundry molds
  • Automotive body repair and finishing shops
  • Automotive restoration shops
  • Aluminum body vehicles such as UPS, postal, beverage trucks, etc.
  • Various resorts and private individuals needing aluminum boat repaints
  • Food service industries such as pizza ovens, grills, etc
  • Manufacturers of food service equipment
  • Construction contractors' equipment stripping, cleaning scaffolding, etc.
  • City equipment, dumpster's, and vehicles
  • Individual owner car restorations (antique, classics, hot rods)
  • Homeowners for miscellaneous repairs and refinishing
  • Heavy equipment overhauls and repaints
  • General industry equipment maintenance and repaint


  SEI offers spray-in polyurethane linings that provide the ultimate non-skid, all weather, all condition protection for truck beds. It is a watertight seal that is sprayed onto the vehicle up to 1/4" thick and resists impact, abrasion, and corrosion. If damaged, the spray-in lining can be repaired much like repairing a scratch in the vehicles paint. General scuffing can be fixed with a light topcoat to restore appearance. Major damage can be patched and blended to make serious gouges disappear. A product evaluation report in a popular 4x4/Off Road publication reads: "If you are shopping for a long-term liner, the spray-in products seem to last the longest. They don't crack, they don't fall out and they are easiest to repair. We have never heard anyone with a spray-in liner regret their choice." The polyurethane coating is also an excellent way to cover repair work in the box area of a truck and can be applied to a marred up used vehicle to enhance appearance and increase the selling price.

   Tough enough for off-road use, spray-on polyurethane increase the durability of these vehicles and adds years of protection against corrosive weather conditions including: water, salt, sand, and mud. The linings contour fit and topical coat over joints insulates against road vibration and noise. It also covers a multitude of cosmetic issues due to panel replacement or repair.

SEI has invested in the Scorpion spray lining system. Some potential applications are:

    • Bins and Hopper liners
    • Walkways and decks (We can add anti-slip granules for safety)
    • Any work surface that requires a non-slip surface
    • Protection from caustics and solvents
    • Protective liners for truck boxes
    • Trailer walls and floors
    • Insulator and sound deadening agent on cab floors
    • Dock anti-slip coating
    • Sealants for boats
    • Protection from salt spray
  • FARM
    • Walkway and deck coating
    • Confinement area wall protection
    • Floor coating for protection and easy clean out
    • Liner for equipment used for holding and spreading manure
    • Walkway and deck coating around pools and hot tubs
    • Wall coating for water resistance


  SEI provides sheet metal panel fabrication and installation for the repair of rusted out body panels. This service is primarily directed to the 4x4/Off-Road and auto restoration enthusiast. Most older 4x4's, by virtue of their use, and classic cars, because of their age, fall victim to body deterioration from rust. SEI has metal forming and welding equipment to produce and install repair sections at a fraction of the cost of entire body panels. New replacement panels for many vehicles are just not available. When having this work done by a body shop, they are paying hourly rates reflective of highly skilled body & paint technicians. SEI provides this service at a reasonable price based on our metal forming and welding skills.

  When protective paint is removed, or new metal is welded into a body section, some form of immediate rust protection is required. SEI provides non-toxic water based conversion coatings to inhibit rust and promote paint adhesion. We also do non-cosmetic primer painting as an interim rust inhibitor while the item or vehicle undergoes additional restoration work. SEI distributes and utilizes the POR-15 product line. This is a complete system for the cleaning, neutralizing, sealing and prevention of rust. Once POR-15 is properly applied, it hardens to a bendable, yet hammer-tough coating that seals the surface, covers existing rust and keeps further rust frmo forming.


  Tube fabrication and welding are integral parts of off-raod vehicle building. SEI provides tube bending, notching and welding fabrication of roll bars, nerf bars, bumpers, miscellaneoues bars, brackets, cages, and luggage racks. We provide the finished item and install it on the customers vehicle, or we will cut and bend component pieces that the customer can assemble and weld themselves.

  SEI provides complete engine rebuilds and upgrades, drive train rebuilds and upgrades, suspension rebuilds and upgrades and chassis restoration.


  SEI sells and installs accessories and performance upgrades for the growing truck, 4x4, and SUV market. We will install engine performance products, brake system upgrades, suspension & handling components including shock absorber and suspension lift kits. We provide and install appearance items as requested.


  SEI offers complete turnkey vehicle restoration. Many of us have that vehicle that caught our eye when we were younger, and have always dreamed of having one of our own. Now it can happen! SEI will work with you to accomplish the restored vehicle you desire. You can do as much or as little as you wish, or as you have the skills or tools available to you. This is truly the opportunity to make this dream really "yours". A part of you will be in it, just as you dreamed it would always be. We help you become the proud owner of your dream vehicle.

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