• Protects!
  • Beautifies!
  • Accents!

Stays showroom new!

Scorpion spray coating technology adds value to your trailer and increases its useful life. Because Scorpion extends the longevity and useful life of your trailer, it creates the return on investment that is always being sought after.

Scorpion is a high tech polyurethane that improves trailer quality and increases its life. It provides in impenetrable barrier that is impervious to urine, manure, and the every day abuses of trailer life. Scorpion does not deteriorate in sunlight.

Floor mats are not required. Because Scorpion permanently stops rust, it eliminates metal floor deterioration. Scorpion enhances appearance and durability while reducing labor. It is MUCH easier than cutting and installing a rubber mat.


Go ahead, use that truck or trailer. There's no reason to be afraid to make that truck or trailer work as hard as you do.

Scorpion Sprayed On Truck Bed protects your investment. You and your equipment can work hard all day long and still show up at the opera (or the rodeo) looking like the king of the hill.

Now you can make the hardest working part of your truck or trailer stronger that the work it does. In just a few hours you're protected for the life of your truck. Scorpion works hard but keeps looking great! Nothing messes with Scorpion

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