Got a project?

We can help!


Remember that car or truck you fell in love with in your teenage years? Well, Sibley Engineering can help you make your dream come true. We will work with you to lay out a game plan that will utilize both your talents and tools, coupled with our expertise and equipment, to restore that special vehicle. We will do as much or as little as you need us to. Turnkey projects are also acceptable for us.


Have you been to the Classic and Hot Rod shows at the Minnesota State Fair - or any other fair? Aren't those cars beauties? Well, you don't have to yearn after one any longer. You can be the proud owner of a Classic car or Hot Rod.

Don't have all the tools or skills - we do at Sibley Engineering! You find the original car of the vintage you long for and we will help you make it look and work like new. Imagine how good it will feel to drive it down the road and have other folks' heads turn the way yours used to. There's a auto club or hot rod club just waiting for you to join. Just think of the fun it will be to swap stories with the other owners about what shape it was in when you found it, and what it took to bring it back to it's natural beauty and performance. We are a restorers' cream come true at Sibley Engineering.

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